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Super sexy Saitama~ Is not that sexy..... :iconjamiedejonge:JamieDeJonge 79 19 FF7: Rufus and the Turks :iconk-koji:K-Koji 3,343 252
2P!Vampire!Canada X Reader: Save Yourself
Save Yourself: 2P! Vampire! Canada X Reader {One-shot}
   “Poisonous lips, sinful eyes, and an irresponsible love. It will end how it all began: in a torrent of blood.”
   You came to me in the dead of night. I stole you away from the light and in a nest of shadows, I made you mine. The moment my fangs sank into your tender neck, I knew you’d become a problem. Your blood was rich and intoxicating. I could feel myself slipping into bliss as your life essence spurred my heart. As your heartbeat slowed, mine picked up pace. Soon, our hearts were beating in rhythm, a song without words.
   Normally, I would have sucked my victim dry and left their corpse for the wolves. But this was you. In less than a minute, you became my everything. You made me feel alive again. An instant connection was made like two wires coming together to complete the circuit. I knew. Oh, I knew I could never sever this bond. I was tied to you for eternity, even
:iconravensongforever:RavensongForever 34 11
Tempt the Vampire - Vampire!Romania x Reader
Without a moment to spare, you didn't waste any time as you pushed the door open confidently. You had a plan today and everything was going to go according to it. You followed the dimly lit stairs that lead you into a wide room. You flicked the light switch on, not even bothering looking back. Placing your lantern onto a nearby shelf, you made haste to get ready. You pulled open multiple drawers, tossing the items into your satchel hurriedly: A wooden stake, crosses, holy water, bullets, knives, and a lighter.
Were you expecting something else? Why, this isn't anything out of the ordinary because you've been shoving these things into your bag instead of makeup and other useless girly items in it for years. And in case you haven't figured it out by now…

You're a vampire hunter.

In fact, your entire family were vampire hunters. For centuries, your family has been passing down the art of killing vampires for the sake of mankind. They were well regarded and respected back whe
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 295 104
As the World Falls Down :iconzephyri:Zephyri 740 63 Common Things #1 :iconlilyrutherford:LilyRutherford 253 7 Ultimecia :iconettelle:Ettelle 338 31 Final Fantasy X-2 Songstress Yuna Costume :iconfantalusy:Fantalusy 114 45 Fade Walker :iconkallielef:kallielef 192 23 After the Storm :iconmerwild:Merwild 197 13 Pensive :iconshuu-washuu:shuu-washuu 659 71 Dopamine :icondragoonms:DraGoonMS 69 2 Rara Avis :iconcarnegriff:Carnegriff 190 15 Red lace deer :iconelenasamko:elenasamko 159 5
Damian Wayne x Reader Shower of Compliments
"You're cute."
(Y/N) glances at Damian and blinks. Staring at him in absolute oddity, (Y/N) wonders if he could be sick or maybe not feeling well at that moment, because the words that had escaped his mouth were absolutely alien to her ears.
"Are you okay Damian?" (Y/N) asks, completely forgetting about the chess game laying in front of them. It wasn't often Damian Wayne invited people over to his Manor, but it was even less often that he invited someone to play a game of chess with him since he considered everyone but himself to be 'unintelligent' or something along that line.
So I suppose in a way, being invited to spend a day with Damian was flattering, and a great unsaid compliment. That's why (Y/N) had said yes, but if he had been sick... well... this was a different matter entirely.
"I am well." He says, "It is your move."
Unaware that he had moved during her long spaced-out thought process, (Y/N) glances at the board to see Damian had moved his rook.
(Y/N) moves a chess
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 319 55
How you wake up with Bruce Wayne
You stare up at the silk brocaded canopy, hovering over you and Bruce while you slept.  Your fingers trace the intricate pattern on the comforter.  Never have you known anything so rich.  It makes you wonder if Bruce is too far out of your league.  You're not poor, but you're certainly not rich either and after laying in Bruce's bed looking around at his furniture, you feel a little self-conscious.  You turn to look at Bruce and you relax a little.  He's laying on his side facing you and he looks so beautiful, you can't believe how gifted you are to have this man in your life.  You reach out to brush his hair from his face and he opens his eyes and catches your hand, trapping it against his cheek.  He rubs his thumb across your knuckles and smiles at you.  
"Good morning,"  he says in his low, smooth voice.  
You suppress the urge to let out a ridiculous giggle and smile back.  "Good morning."
Bruce lays silent and gazes at yo
:iconlokiisawesomest:lokiisawesomest 228 33




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Aurora555 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015
Hey ! I've read your story "Rabbits and Wolves " at archive of our own and I have to say that it's amazing ! 
I already love it ! :)
unfortunately , I have no account at archive of our own ,so I couldn't post a comment there. But at least I can tell you here that's a great story and you have a great writing style ! 
GOB01 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  Student Artist
AWWW THANK YOU! I REALLY appreciate your efforts in calling out to me all the way in DA! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1]  Thanks so much for sticking with me!  I would upload it here, but DA's text system is kind of inconvenient for multi-chapter stories. I hope you'll stay with me in AO3! I'll be sure to dedicate the next chapter to you  pikachu Rup cheeks plz
Aurora555 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015
Of course I'll keep on reading in AO3 ! 😉
I mean it's a great  story and I totally understand if you prefer uploading in AO3 😊 
can't wait for the next chapter ! ❤️
lovegrell21 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Student Artist
Thanks for watching! :D
GOB01 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Student Artist
you're very welcome :happybounce:
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